2020 Virtual Homecoming Campaign

Greetings Golden Tiger family and friends, This year we have put the “HOME” in Homecoming. Join us on October 22-25 for our virtual homecoming weekend and help us celebrate our continued Tuskegee traditions. Although we will not see each other physically, your giving can still make an impact. Recently the...

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Homecoming 2020

The competition has started and we’re hoping that you as a member of the Class of 1995 will help us reach the goal of raising $25,000 for Mother Tuskegee. We must outshine the other classes.  

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Raised of $25,000
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Homecoming 2020

Heyyyyyy class of 2000!! We are the first class of the millennium and want to be first to surpass our goal as a reunion class. It’s been 20 years - let’s show our love for Tuskegee and commitment to paying it forward by adding .20 to your gift and leaving us a note indicating your favorite memory from back in the...

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Homecoming 2020

We’re raising the bar, and we want to be the reason why our Tuskegee students succeed. Help the Class of 2005 reach the goal of $15,000 today. We need your help in making this a success.

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Homecoming 2020

Calling all Tuskegee University Class of 2010 Alumni and Friends! Please join the 10 for 10 Year Class Reunion Challenge by financially giving! Suggested Gift Amounts Include (but are not limited to): $20.10, $100, $210, $1,000, $2,010…Our goal is to raise $10,000 to represent our 10-year reunion. Let’s all...

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Homecoming 2020

Who will hit their class reunion goal this year? Of course, the Class of 2015! The challenge is on! And we want to show that it's possible to be young donors.  Let's raise $5,000 or more and show that young alum care.

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Raised of $5,000
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Homecoming 2020

In support of the annual Tuskegee University Class Reunion, a competition has been instituted between the reunion classes of years ending in -0 and -5 to 2015. The goal for the Class of 1990 is to not only meet our obligation of $30,000 but exceed our giving. Donate today. 

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Homecoming 2020

Bring on the Golden Tiger Spirit, the Class of 1985 has been challenged to set the example and reach the goal of $35,000. Help us lead the way today and make your giving pledge today! 

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Marching Crimson Piper New Uniform Initiative

"The Crimson Pipers Marching Band was first formed in 1906 and is one of the nation’s most renowned university marching bands. Over the years, the band has provided thousands of Tuskegee students, alumni, and friends with the heartwarming pride that has resonated across generations. The band has charmed millions of...

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The AKA West Commons Renovation Campaign

Join the 34 Sapphires Fundraising Effort to Renovate the West Commons A & B Residential Halls Tuskegee University is rooted in a history of successfully educating African Americans to understand themselves and their society against the background of their total cultural heritage and the promise of their individual and...

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West Commons A & B Renovation Project

The West Commons A & B Renovation Project supports the University’s ability to offer real-life learning and living experiences through our residential facilities. As our beloved Tuskegee University navigates both the unprecedented uncertainties and challenges of meeting its mission in the time of COVID-19,...

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Student Affairs Student Emergency Fund

“For some students, unexpected circumstances may arise that jeopardize their ability to successfully continue their education. Within our student body, financial hardships happen. Sometimes an emergency can cause a student to question whether they can finish the semester, or even graduate. These life events can interfere...

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1881 Challenge
(This campaign is no longer active)

July 4th holds a special place in the heart of every student, alum and admirer of Tuskegee University. What better way to celebrate Founder's Day than to contribute to the longevity of our wonderful institution with a gift to the Golden Tiger Fund! This year more than ever, it is important to acknowledge and appreciate the...

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The Golden Tiger Fund
(This campaign is no longer active)

Your prior giving has helped raise over $1.3 million to support our Golden Tiger Fund and the immediate campus needs it supports — which include providing student scholarships and improving technology on campus. The Golden Tiger Fund provides the necessary funding allowing President McNair to address...

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TSACS Scholarship Fund
(This campaign is no longer active)

Twenty five percent of TSACS students receive some form of financial aid. There is still a gap in funding after those students have received other forms of financial aid. TSACS needs approximately $1,500 per year, per student to ensure students are released of the tuition burden. Your gift to the...

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Student Emergency Fund
(This campaign is no longer active)

“The past few weeks have been a fairly quick transition to online services and many of our students and their families are still adjusting. On behalf of the university administration, we appreciate all you have done, and continue to do, to support Tuskegee students adjusting to their new normal during this...

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